Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Ferret Chronicles – Part Two

I stood on the trail with Aunt Ferret, staring at the elephant who just woke up from his slumber. The elephant’s eyes gradually became focused as he sat on the ground staring at me and Aunt Ferret.
The Ant’s voice boomed through the picophone in her usual sing song voice – as if she was rendering a poem in an elocution contest.

“Once again the elephant gets up from a drunken stupor…
     No recollection of what happened when he was drunk
Except a faint feeling of embarrassment perhaps” 

The elephant smiled sheepishly at us. He then narrated his tale of woe to us as the ant stood quietly on his right ear - with the usual smug expression on her face.

‘I used to be a sober Elephant - roaming around freely the forest, then one day this ant landed on my ear.’ The elephant said pointing towards his ear with its trunk ‘She promised me that she will sing me the song of my life … she had lied  ...'

 It is because of this ant I drink so much …  she is always sitting on my ear with that annoying picophone … telling me stories about an imaginary camera for which I need to act out to’  The elephant had a very sad expression on his face.

‘Act out what?’ I asked puzzled

‘She want me to act like a Giraffe …’, The elephant said as tears welled up in his eyes.

 ‘You ordinary mortal devoid of ambitions, do you even know why I want you to act like a Giraffe? Giraffe is the largest animal in the planet … so Giraffe is better than Elephant …’ Ants melodramatic voice boomed through the clearing.

‘I beg your pardon … but elephant is the largest animal in the planet …’ I interrupted the ant.

‘How do you know?’, she asked me with a mocking voice.

‘I read it in my library, Giraffe is the tallest animal, but Elephant is the largest’

‘Hmmm… how big is your library?’, The ant asked , her face was beginning to show traces of green color.

‘Quite big – with more than a thousand books’, I was beginning to enjoy teasing the ant now.

‘So what – I have a library with more than two thousand books’, she said with a mocking tone ‘ the best library of the world with nice expensive books … better than your books’

‘I guess you need to add a book on Elephants in your library’, I said with a wink.

The ant’s face turned red and she started shouting another poem in the picophone.

‘Just listen to her …’ the elephant whispered to me , his face distorted in disgust, ‘she makes me hear all her stolen songs and poems - A tear rolled down his big black cheek as the elephant started sobbing.

‘Stolen songs & poems?’ I asked puzzled.

‘Songs and poems that are not mine … that she just picked up from somewhere around …’, The elephant was now wailing loudly.

 ‘The elephant is lying’, ant’s voice boomed through the picophone, ‘I can prove it’

She produced an old yellow notebook, seemingly out of nowhere. ‘Well, listen to this one’, she continued in her singsong voice.

“One fine day it dawned to me ...
       Life in this moment as I experience hear and see,
Is perhaps not what it used to be ?

But this moment is not important I must say,
      As I fully utilize my present in two ways,
To plan for tomorrow as I mull over yesterday”

The elephant brought his trunk near my ears and whispered ‘She tells me things like this throughout the day … that is the reason I stay drunk …’ tears were again rolling down his cheek.

‘Why don’t you tell her that what she is saying is not correct? ‘, I asked the elephant.

‘I tried – but she gets red faced and angry and shouts on the picophone’

‘Ignore her then ...’

‘She gets frustrated and shouts even more …’

‘Why don’t you just flap your ears and squish her?’ I asked.

‘But I am just an elephant … and she is an ant with a picophone! ’, the elephant started wailing again.

Aunt Ferret, who had been quiet for all this time whispered to me ‘We need to do something about this elephant … I think I have a plan !’


Varsha said...

Oh yes,waiting for more. Very interesting. Good build up!

Kapil said...

I think I am not following the allegory. I will wait for the third installment to see if I can understand the point being made.

Prithviraj Banerjee said...

Thanks for the feedback !

I will try to clarify about the metaphorical creatures in the next installment. At a high level the elephant is a conditioned self, ant is the conditioning that goads the self to do crazy stuff. The ferret was able to break out of the loop and experience here and now ;)

Irina said...

Liked the way you have created the narrative...keep going. Can't agree more on the need for "here and now" - the instinct to be alert and aware of the present!

TN Nagpal said...

Really keeps you hooked and waiting for the next instalment.

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